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    For Health Professionals

    Because rice is a big part of your patients' lives, we want to provide you with in-depth information about this essential and beloved grain. This page is your go-to source of current information, from nutrition research to the very latest rice news.


    • Ancient Seeds and Grains

      American consumers have been reading articles about ancient grains (such as millet, kamut, faro, chia) and seeing them on their supermarket shelves. But people want answers to these questions: Are they nutritious? What are their health benefits? How can I use them in my recipes? This informative article answers those questions—and more.

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    • Health Impact of Ancient Grains

      New research is unlocking the nutritional secrets of the “ancient grains” that have been a staple for civilizations though the ages. This paper covers research that indicates how these grains may lower the risk factors of cardiovascular disease, are linked to healthy blood sugar response, provide high-fiber benefits to the digestive system, and more.

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    • Health Impact of Family Meal Time

      We now have evidence that youngsters who eat with their families have a propensity to eat healthier meals, as compared to their peers who don’t regularly experience family mealtime. This study details the positive impact that eating together as a family has on children and adolescents.

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    • Combatting Consumer Fears: ARSENIC

      Help your patients understand the facts about this headline-grabbing issue. The truth is, there are no documented incidents in which arsenic in United States rice has led to human health problems.

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    • Health Impact of Rice Consumption in Adults & Children

      Studies indicate that eating rice — whether in its whole grain or enriched form — has a positive impact on the health of adults and children. It has also been shown that the nutrient intake of rice consumers as a whole is much better than the average person.

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