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Ben's Beginners

Recipes, videos, and more good stuff to get your kids cooking

Cook with your kids for a chance to win big prizes!

mother and daughter cooking

The 2016 BEN'S BEGINNERS Cooking Contest launches on August 20th with big prizes and fun, interactive cooking lesson you can take with your kids. It's easy to enter—just choose a lesson, learn cooking skills, cook with your kids and upload a photo. Come back soon and get started!

A look back at the
2015 cooking contest

In 2015 we went all out to communicate our mission: teaching your kids to cook is as important as teaching them to read and write. This video shows how our message made a big impact on families and schools across the country. We hope it inspires you to take part in this year's cooking contest, launching on August 20th.

When families cook together, kids learn more than just how to cook!

Cooking is a skill that's as important as learning how to read and write. Because when kids cook, these other critical skills are reinforced…

Measurements, Math, and Time

Measurements, Math & Time

Recipes are filled with fractions, timing, weights, and measurements.



Cooking is all about reactions that happen when ingredients come together in a delicious way.



Kids learn to think about the creativity that goes into the recipe.



Recipes are fun to read and they teach kids new words.


Let's Get Cooking!

family friendly recipes

Family-friendly recipes your family will love to cook and eat.


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